Ullu Web Series Palang Tod (Gaon Ki Garmi-3) All Episodes Complete Review

Ullu Web Series Palang Tod, Gaon Ki Garmi-3 is a Hindi erotic web series featuring passionate love scenes.

The narrative centers around Sonu, a young man living in the city, who has a preference for engaging in physical relationships, primarily with professional female companions.

In this episode, Sonu’s journey unfolds as he explores his desires for physical intimacy, whether it be with paid partners or individuals in his immediate surroundings.

Let us explore all the episodes and see how Sonu quenches his thirst of lust.

Palang Tod (Gaon Ki Garmi 3), Episode-1

Produceb ByUllu Digital Pvt. Ltd
Art DirectorRafique
Co-Produced By25 Paisa Films
Director of photography Abhishekh Shukla
Written ByPraveen Ranjan
Costume StylishDeepa Singh
Gaon Ki Garmi Crew


Mahi KaurNeha (bhabhi)
Bhanu SuryamSonu
Anupam GahoiMama
Bhimraj MalajiJeth
Himanshu SharmaRaju
Palang Tod Cast

Other Detail of the Ullu Web Series

Parents GuideAdd Content Advisory
Release Date12 May 2023 (India)
Run Time20 Minutes

Trailer of Gaon Ki Garmi, Episode-1

Gaon Ki Garmi – Episode-1 Review

The Opening Scene

In the opening scene, Sonu is depicted engaging in intimate activities with a hired companion. The scenes are highly explicit, showcasing their passionate involvement. However, their encounter is abruptly interrupted by a phone call.

The phone call is from Sonu’s aunt, who resides in a village. During the conversation, Sonu’s aunt urgently asks him to visit their home as his uncle (her husband) is unwell.

Village Scenes

Sonu Arrives Mama’s House

Scene II is a vilalge seen. Sonu has reached his Mama’s house, Mami, who is much younger than his Mama, looks extremely hot.

Sonu gazes at Mami from head to her chest as she stands in front of him to greet him. Mami embraces Sonu tightly, accompanied by a seductive gesture, which immediately arouses Sonu.

Later, Sonu meets his uncle (Mama) and assures him that he will take good care of him. “You will be alright within a week,” he says reassuringly.

Sonu Shocked to See Bhabhiji

The other day, Sonu enters the doorless washroom and is taken aback when he sees Neha Bhabhi sitting topless on a stool, bathing. Feeling nervous, Sonu begins brushing his teeth while Bhabhi notices him by the door.

Sonu apologizes, saying, “Mamiji, I’m sorry.” Neha admits that it was her mistake for not informing him about the lack of a door or curtain on the bathroom.

Sonu feels increasingly anxious as he glances at his bhabhi’s body, intensifying the moment.

Similar heated scenes unfold between Sonu and Neha, adding spice to the story. In the next scene, Neha Bhabhi is lying on a bed, seemingly careless as her top remains exposed.

Sonu enters and finds his bhabhi asleep. He contemplates touching her top but eventually withdraws his hands and walks away, his excitement growing.

In the next half of the episode, Neha Bhabhi is seen deliberately creating situations to seduce Sonu in a series of scenes.

Describing these emotions in words is challenging, but if you truly desire a heated experience, this web series is worth watching.

Gaon Ki Garmi – Episode-2 Review

The Opening Scene

In the opening scene, Sonu can be seen massaging his uncle’s feet. His uncle, known as Mama, inquires about Sonu’s examination results. Sonu responds that they are yet to be announced.

Mama expresses confidence in Sonu, praising him as a brilliant student who will undoubtedly excel. Sonu, determined to prove himself, replies, “This time, I will succeed with flying colors and make you proud.”

Mama reassures Sonu, suggesting it’s time for him to rest and relax, while the rest of the massage will be taken care of by Sonu’s aunt, Mami.

Sonu steps back and leaves the room to unwind.

As Mamu enters the room, he coincidentally encounters Sonu along the way. Mamu hands Sonu a glass of milk, remarking, “You need it more than your Mama Ji. Have it.” Sonu accepts the gesture gratefully and responds, “Thank you, Mamu.” He then proceeds to walk away, heading towards his destination.

Neha hands her husband a glass of milk, and he begins to drink it. After a while, Mama interrupts, saying, “It’s alright, I don’t want it anymore.”

Perplexed, Neha inquires, “What’s wrong?”

Mama responds, expressing an unusual feeling, mentioning that he feels strange after consuming the milk. He asks Neha if she added anything to it.

Neha suggests if Mama needs a massage to alleviate his discomfort. Mama responds, “Sonu just massaged me a while ago.”

Neha questions her husband, “Is there any difference between Sonu’s massage and mine?”

“I will give you a massage today that you will never forget,” Neha confidently declares.

“Let’s see,” her husband responds, curious to experience his wife’s massage.

Neha starts massaging.

Soon the act turns into a heated affair, both starts a game of intense love making smooching each other.

Next few minutes, the games goes very wild , the man in around 45 just goes wild at first.

To be continued….

How to Watch Gaon Ki Garmi-3

All eposodes of Palang Top , Gaon Ki Garmi-3 can be watched on OTT platform Ullu.

Ullu app, for both android and apple divices can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Additionally, you have the option to stream Ullu web series on their website by subscribing to their streaming service. The subscription plans typically offer monthly or yearly options.


Ullu web series have been captivating viewers with their provocative content. However, it is important to note that these web series are not suitable for all age groups.

They should be watched purely for entertainment purposes and not be seen as a healthy addiction. It is crucial to maintain a balanced perspective and approach when engaging with such time-consuming activities. While the occasional dose of excitement can add energy to our daily lives, it is essential to exercise moderation.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the highlights of “Palang Tod: Gaon Ki Garmi-3 Episode-1.” This series consists of a total of four episodes, which we will cover in upcoming articles.

Please feel free to leave your comments below, sharing your thoughts on the review of “Palang Tod: Gaon Ki Garmi-3 Episode-1.”

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